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Can you imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and seeing an infinite blue sea? Properties on the salvadoran coast are an excellent option for those who want tranquility, relaxation and action at the same time, since the feelings and activities that Salvadoran beaches offer us are diverse. You can see our catalog of beach houses by clicking here and other land and real estate for investment on the Salvadoran coast and San Salvador.

Surf City covers the beaches of the La Libertad department in El Salvador, from Puerto de La Libertad and its beaches, to El Tunco, El Sunzal, all the way to El Zonte or Bitcoin Beach.

El Salvador has more than 300 km of beaches, many of them recognized worldwide, including the beaches of Surf City, very popular among surfers and fans of this sport and where the 2021 World Surfing World Cup was recently held and the 2023 ISA World Surf Games are already scheduled to take place in La Libertad, El Salvador.

Mundial de Surf el Salvador ISA 2021

Surf City is one of the biggest tourist attractions in this country, because in addition to being the scene of international competitions, it has become a good place to relax, have fun and live. Today the Salvadoran coast is experiencing a historical transformation, since it projects that in the future, this tourist destination will increase the income of this sector by 40% and benefit locals and the more than 1.5 million tourists who visit our beaches per year.

This project, considered first class, is carried out in the city of  Puerto de La Libertad, and includes a recreational center that will have a plaza, viewpoint, mechanical games, expansion of green areas, restaurants for the whole family and more. At the beginning of March, the tourism authorities announced a 50% progress on this project, which will be the first in the coastal area in the entire region and will serve as a trigger for the local economy. Accessibility has also been planned, since this year the La Libertad ByPass or also known as “Camino a Surf City” was inaugurated, thus improving the connectivity between the roads to the Port of La Libertad and the Litoral highway.

Ocean in Surf City, El Salvador – Courtesy ISA Ben Reed

The beaches of El Salvador have always been a delight for its visitors and now with all the investment projects, it is expected that local development will have a positive impact. Do you dare to live the experience?

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