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UPDATE: 2021 Real Estate El Salvador approved a law making Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador. A residency law for real estate investors is currently being worked on by the government. Check out our blog post on the El Salvador Bitcoin Law.

Disclaimer: The following section is written in English with expats in mind, but all conditions listed apply to any locals as well. 

Real Estate in El Salvador can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. We are here to help. We’ve worked with expats in El Salvador and helped them buy, sell, rent out and rent properties. Everything from apartments and condos in San Salvador, to beachside properties, investment properties, homes, mountain properties and much more. We specialize in San Salvador and La Libertad. 

Take a look at our online listings, we’re constantly updating them, and feel free to contact us, and if you have any questions or are looking for a different property we can always talk. We have a good network of real estate agents with hundreds of different properties between us and we will find the correct one. 

The entire team speaks English and have been expats ourselves. Born and raised in El Salvador but lived in different countries and continents. Something as simple as finding a home to live when you’ve just moved abroad can be daunting. We know it first hand, and we want to change that. It’s time for trust to be built. We can make the process as simple as it can be, and help you throughout, as well as included post-sale services.

For expats (or anyone) looking to buy or rent we offer transparent pricing, you can see them all listed on our website and we can always help with specific requests and get you the best price for the right property. Looking for a condo or apartment in the city? We’ve been to every building, we know them well, we are honest about our trade, and we speak up. Our goal is to find you the right home, not any apartment, and we are committed to do it. All completely and 100% free of any charge to you, the buyer or renter. Feel free to call +503 2557-0368, we speak English, a little French, Spanish or we can always email at info@homefinderinmobiliaria.com . We also have a lawyer on our team for any contracts, advice, property history research, and more for a charge. 

For expats (or anyone) looking to sell or rent out their properties we offer our website listings, photo sessions, drone sessions if applicable, and listings on social media platforms and real estate networks. We do not request exclusivity, at the end of the day we want you to sell or rent out your property as soon as possible, and we believe in healthy competition. We do however request price uniformity with any other listings.We also have a network of known, knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agents from other companies we work with. We believe in fairness and will get you a fair price. We also strive and aim to find good tenants for rental properties. We offer transparent pricing, for rentals our fee is equivalent to one month of the lease for any contract 12 months or up. For any shorter term contract lets talk. For sales we offer transparent rates as well:

Properties up to $150,000: 5%

Properties up to $300,000: 4%

Properties $300,001+: 3.5%

While these guidelines apply to most cases and properties, feel free to call us if you think something doesn’t work. We’re flexible. We’re not some big faceless company. Living and growing up in a city that we know well and we want to help you out. 

We offer property management services for rental properties in San Salvador:
For any yearly rental from $800-$1500 15% of the monthly lease 

For any yearly rental from $1501+ 12% of the monthly lease

Our service includes: 

  • Plumber, electrician and locksmith services provided to your tenant for emergencies included. Installation of any upgrades or non emergency events not included. Parts not included. Any additional services available at a reduced rate for your tenant.
  • Transferring monthly payments minus our fees to a local bank or Central American bank account for free. Wire Transfers to the rest of the world have a bank imposed surcharge. We recommend opening an account in El Salvador whenever possible. 
  • Tenant management and customer service.
  • Repairs and renovations at an additional cost with our trusted network of general contractors, painters, designers, and civil engineers. 

Lets talk!

info@homefinderinmobiliaria.com +503 2557-0368 (Office)

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