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For a few decades, the beaches of El Salvador have become the perfect setting where the best surfers in the world dominate the waves and international events take place. Only in the recent ISA 2021 Surfing World Cup, held in the country to define the athletes who will attend the Olympic Games in Tokyo, have more than 200 surfers of more than 50 nationalities participated, putting their spirit and determination in the competition and enjoying thus, one of the best beaches for surfing in the region.

Mundial de Surf el Salvador ISA 2021

If you wonder, what does Bitcoin have to do with these beaches? You are in the right place, this cryptocurrency, even before being recognized as an official currency in El Salvador, was already used as a virtual currency in Playa El Zonte, not only by formal businesses, but also by the informal sector that is part of the community, that is, daily transactions such as buying pupusas, vegetables or obtaining a service in exchange for cryptocurrencies was already possible.

To date we have investment opportunities with 30 blocks of land for sale in El Zonte ideal to develop, you can see more information here.

How to use Bitcoin?
We recommend that before using Bitcoin for small or large transactions you inform yourself of how it works, the advantages and the possible risks.

You must download an app available in the application store of your Android or IOS device. For large transactions to be done on the bitcoin network and blockchain you need a bitcoin wallet. For small everyday transactions you need a lightning wallet (Bitcoin Wallet and Lightning Wallet). Bitcoin Beach (El Zonte) has its own eponymous app.
Create a user to access a wallet or electronic wallet
Buy Bitcoin to have available balance in your wallet or electronic wallet
To start making transactions with your Bitcoins or on the Lightning Network, you must scan a code, synchronize the application between buyer and seller, mark the amount to use and that’s it!

Surfer in El Zonte, Bitcoin Beach, El Salvador
Playa El Zonte, Surf City, La Libertad, El Salvador – Bitcoin Beach El Salvador

Playa El Zonte has been a pioneer, since it is here where the first ATM of this type was installed in Central America, which gives it a competitive advantage over other nearby countries. To date, there are 2 bitcoin ATMs installed: Playa El Zonte and Playa el Tunco. Without a doubt, investing in the beaches of El Salvador is fashionable in the real estate market, not only because of its strategic location and close to the capital and the airport, but also because of the value that the properties in the Surf City area of ​​La Libertad are forging above all.

Beach soccer is also big in El Salvador beaches, especially since a team, mostly from a small island in El Salvador have become national heroes. The «Selecta Playera» affectionally known as Cangrejitos, or little crabs, are beach soccer world stars. The El Salvador Beach soccer team is ranked 1st in CONCACAF in all of the Americas and is currently qualified for the world cup.

Selecta Playera, El Salvador’s beach soccer national team. Amongst the best beach soccer players in the world.

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