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Pupusas El Salvador National dish

El Salvador, recently, has become a world benchmark, for being the first country to approve the use of bitcoin as legal tender, this backed by the recent Bitcoin Law. However, this country, in addition to opening up to transactional efficiency and promoting the use of cryptocurrency, offers more than interesting options for its visitors and international investors.

Playa El Tunco El Salvador
El Tunco beach in Surf City, La Libertad, El Salvador

With just 21,041 km2 El Salvador is a country that has a wide range of places and unique experiences, in addition to the warmth of its people who welcome you with pupusas and a smile, you can find from volcanoes, to lakes, beaches, magical towns, places archaeological sites and much more. Pupusas are the most representative typical dish of Salvadorans and recently in places like El Zonte, Bitcoin Beach, they can already be bought with the cryptocurrency.

Today, the use of the virtual currency Bitcoin opens opportunities by facilitating transfers, as it makes them more efficient and immediate. In addition, the implementation of this provides more benefits to crypto entrepreneurs, since El Salvador is one of the few countries in the world, without property taxes, there will be no taxes on the
capital gain for bitcoin and they could also obtain immediate permanent residence in the country, if they so choose. Regarding the details of the law and regulations on residency, we are still waiting (as of June 21, 2021) for more details on the specifics for residency in El Salvador.

According to the digital magazine Documenting Bitcoin, Google searches for “El Salvador Real Estate” went to the moon after the country adopted Bitcoin as one of its official currencies. Without a doubt, there is so much to discover in the Thumbelina of America and both locals and foreigners are setting their eyes on the real estate offer. At HomeFinder we offer our general list of properties in El Salvador but contact us by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or by email info@homefinderinmobiliaria.com

Real Estate in El Salvador is an excellent option if you are looking to invest because in addition to tax incentives, you get a property at competitive costs, with a strategic location two hours from Miami and diverse for different tastes, houses, apartments, ranches and houses. to the beach, offices and more, just one click or tap from your smartphone.

Contact HomeFinder your best option in real estate in El Salvador.

El Salvador National Beach Soccer Team «Selecta Playera» or «Cangrejitos» (little crabs) are one of the best beach soccer teams in the world. Ranking 1st in CONCACAF Beach Soccer for the Americas

P.S. When you are here try the pupusas, both corn and rice flour varieties are available with plenty of fillings. Wolter’s World just released a video on how to eat pupusas the right way:

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