Coatepeque Lake, El Salvador: A Worldwide Treasure

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Lake Coatepeque or “Cerro de Culebras” according to its name of Nahuatl origin is one of the must-see destinations when visiting El Salvador, with 115 meters deep and with a water mirror close to 25 km², it has become one of the favorite lakes for national and foreign tourists, their beauty and tranquility have even earned them worldwide recognition.

Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador

Over the years, this lake has also been a place surrounded by mysticity, on its banks there are rock formations called “spectacles” and one of its islands still has vestiges of pre-Columbian culture. The island of Cerro or Teopán, was a sanctuary to the Goddess Pipil Itzqueye (Quetzalcoatl’s wife) where in some parts of the island, you can still see petroglyphs that show the devotion of the indigenous people to their gods, who represented forces of nature. .

This lake of volcanic origin is a caldera that was formed as a result of a great explosive eruption that happened between 57,000-72,000 BC. About 20,000 people live in its basin and it has an average of 5,000 tourists visits per month. In 2013, Lake Coatepeque obtained second place in the international contest «The Eighth Wonder of the World» of NatGeo, which positions it as one of the centers of national tourist interest, as well as one of the best places to acquire a property surrounded of natural wealth, a spectacular view, history and its people.

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Among the activities to do in this place, ecotourism stands out: observation of resident and migratory birds, fishing, diving, kayak tour, jet ski or boat, there are also activities to do out of the water, since in its surroundings you can also go hiking and mountain biking, in addition to all the gastronomic offerings offered by restaurants and hotels in the area. One of the events that has aroused the curiosity of many tourists is the change in color of its waters to a turquoise tone that has been remarkable at certain times of the year and its origin is still under research.

Teopan Island, Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador